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Founded by senior investors and venture capitalists in the area of blockchain and digital asset, Daos Capital is a global specialist focused on digital asset investment. The core members are located in New York, Los Angeles and Silicon Valley in the United States, including cryptocurrency industry leaders, well- known hedge fund traders, data scientists, financial engineers, senior software engineers and senior secondary market analysts and so on. Daos Capital's investment strategies are to combine the primary market and the secondary market to invest, using a variety of trading strategies to meet the different investors’ risk appetite. The fund will optimize the private-sector blockchain project on a global scale. The combination of short-term investment and long-term investment will jointly build a portfolio that will make full use of the resources of Daos Capital for quality investment opportunities. In the secondary market trading, the team will develop a quantitative trading as main investment strategy, but also combine some subjective investment decisions. Investment strategies include CTA, cross currency arbitrage, statistical arbitrage, high-frequency trading, futures trading and event-driven trading. After the maturity of the derivatives market, Daos Capital will also participate in digital currency derivatives transactions. In addition, Daos Capital will use a unique digital money fund valuation system to screen high-quality funds for its investment portfolio. The structure of the fund of fund can diversify Daos Capital’s portfolio, thereby reducing investor risk.

Investment Strategy

Market Characteristics

  • Primary market has large number of ICO projects, complex and diverse technologies, it is difficult to identify which one is good or bad
  • Secondary market trading platform is not standardized. Registration or manipulation is cumbersome. Limited number of trading crypto-currency in each trading platform
  • The same currency in different trading platform is uneven on price. There is arbitrage space exists.
  • Existing Digital Crypto-Currency Fund lacks of historical rate of return. Regulatory blind spot is existed. It is difficult for investors to screen
  • Market volatility is high. Investors are difficult to control the risk

Advantages of Daos Capital

  • The professional project review team will follow-up ICO projects in depth and try to get the best financial advantage discount
  • Senior investment team will create a diversified portfolio, suitable for different investor preferences
  • We use quantitative models to capture market inefficiencies and big data to enable low-risk arbitrage between currencies and trading platforms
  • Screening of existing digital currency funds through professional fund rating criteria, we will create a diversified FOF fund
  • We take advantage of existing mechanisms such as short-term futures risk control

The Fund Structure

Primary Market ICO

From last year, the blockchain projects began to be sought chased by investors, and its financing quota has exceeded the traditional VC.Daos Capital invests in high-quality projects in the primary market, including seed rounds, private placement rounds and presale rounds. Through its strong industry resources, Daos Capital has great advantage in obtaining early share investment opportunities for quality projects. The team will conduct due diligence on each investment project, with professional blockchain technical analysis as the basis for investment decisions. Project leaders will follow the team to ensure the quality of investment projects. In addition, the fund uses the volume advantage to negotiate the investment details with the project team and try its best to obtain the optimal investment ratio.Allocation: The investment in the primary market does not exceed 30% of the total fund

Secondary Market Trading

Daos Capital seeks unprecedented investment opportunities in the global cryptocurrency secondary market and uses different strategies and algorithms to include the largest portfolio of abundant and diverse cryptocurrencies in the portfolio. The core investment strategies include:

  • Establishing a quantitative model to automate the mainstream currency with good liquidit
  • Using the algorithm to explore the price differences between different trading platforms, like statistical arbitraging
  • Using the fundamental analysis to structure the high-Sharp portfolio of long-term holdings
  • Cooperating with trading platforms to provide market-making services for different currencies
  • Cooperating with trading platforms to provide market-making services for different currencies Taking advantage of the short-term mechanism such as futures to control the overall risk and avoid Black Swan events

Fund of Fund

Capital will screen and invest some outstanding funds through a professional digital fund rating mechanism that covers all aspects of digital currency. This part of the investment is aiming at finding a good investment team and effectively diversifying the investment risk in the primary and secondary markets.At the same time, Daos Capital will create an incubator for digital currencies in future and will provide financial, technical and development guidance for ICO project parties and fund startup teams

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